rstgenerator.generateFile(input_directory, file_name, output_directory, package_heirarchy=None, module_name=None)

Generate a rst file telling sphinx to just generate documentation for the public interface automatically. Output will be written to file_name.rst in the current directory.

  • input_directory – a string specifying the directory containing the source code file
  • file_name – the name of the python source code file to generate a sphinx rst file describing
  • ouput_directory – a string specifying the directory where the generated rst file should be placed. If output_directory does not already exist, it will be created
  • package_heirarchy – a list of strings, where each name is the name of a package, in the order of the hierarchy
  • module_name – the name of the module. If not given, the .py is removed from file_name to produce the module_name
rstgenerator.generateIndex(module_list, output_directory)

Create an index.rst file for sphinx in the given directory.

  • module_list – a list of the names of the modules to list in the index file
  • output_directory – the directory to create the index file in
rstgenerator.generateAll(source_directory, output_directory)

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