This decorator converts sqlite exceptions into RepoError


class yum.sqlitesack.YumAvailablePackageSqlite(repo, db_obj)

Bases: yum.packages.YumAvailablePackage, yum.packages.PackageObject, yum.packages.RpmBase

returnFileEntries(ftype='file', primary_only=False)

return list of files based on type, you can pass primary_only=True to limit to those files in the primary repodata


return list of types of files in the package, you can pass primary_only=True to limit to those files in the primary repodata


class yum.sqlitesack.YumSqlitePackageSack(packageClass)

Bases: yum.yumRepo.YumPackageSack

Implementation of a PackageSack that uses sqlite cache instead of fully expanded metadata objects to provide information

addPackageExcluder(repoid, excluderid, excluder, *args)

Add an “excluder” for all packages in the repo/sack. Can basically do anything based on nevra, changes lots of exclude decisions from “preload package; test; delPackage” into “load excluder”. Excluderid is used so the caller doesn’t have to track “have I loaded the excluder for this repo.”, it’s probably only useful when repoid is None ... if it turns out utterly worthless then it’s still not a huge wart.

excludeArchs(*args, **kwargs)

excludes incompatible arches - archlist is a list of compat arches


Is calling pkg.returnFileEntries(primary_only=True) faster than using searchFiles().

returnNewestByName(*args, **kwargs)

return list of newest packages based on name matching this means(in name.arch form): foo.i386 and foo.noarch will be compared to each other for highest version. Note that given: foo-1.i386; foo-2.i386 and foo-3.x86_64 The last _two_ pkgs will be returned, not just one of them.

returnPackages(repoid=None, patterns=None, ignore_case=False)

Returns a list of packages, only containing nevra information. The packages are processed for excludes. Note that the packages are always filtered to those matching the patterns/case.


return list of packages conflicting with name (any evr and flag)

searchFiles(*args, **kwargs)

search primary if file will be in there, if not, search filelists, use globs, if possible

searchNames(*args, **kwargs)

return a list of packages matching any of the given names. This is only a match on package name, nothing else

searchNevra(*args, **kwargs)

return list of pkgobjects matching the nevra requested


return list of packages obsoleting name (any evr and flag)

searchPrco(*args, **kwargs)

return list of packages matching name and prcotype

searchPrimaryFields(*args, **kwargs)

search arbitrary fields from the primarydb for a string

searchPrimaryFieldsMultipleStrings(*args, **kwargs)

search arbitrary fields from the primarydb for a multiple strings return packages, number of items it matched as a list of tuples


return list of packages providing name (any evr and flag)


return list of packages requiring name (any evr and flag)

simplePkgList(patterns=None, ignore_case=False)

Returns a list of pkg tuples (n, a, e, v, r), optionally from a single repoid. Note that the packages are always filtered to those matching the patterns/case.


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