2015-03-12 Giuseppe Scrivanosetup.py: make it executable and add shebang master
2015-03-12 Giuseppe Scrivanoxml-parser.c: fix unused variable warning
2015-03-12 Giuseppe Scrivanosqlitecachec.py: fix indentation
2014-04-08 Tomas MlcochFix memory leak in yum_db_index_primary_tables()
2014-04-08 Tomas MlcochCreate indexes on tables with weak deps
2014-03-10 Michael Schroeder Parse and generate sqlite for weak deps. data.
2013-04-05 Ville Skyttä.gitignore: Ignore build dir and Python bytecode files.
2013-04-05 Martin Kletzandersetup: make build work on python 3
2011-02-24 James AntillChange the conversion to be 64bit safe too, *sigh*...
2010-08-21 James AntillHandle > 2GB sized rpms, in XML => sqlite conversion...
2010-02-26 James AntillRemove copy and paste typo, the license is GPLv2+ not...
2010-01-07 Seth Vidalupdate changelog yum-metadata-parser-1-1-4
2010-01-07 Seth Vidalmark as 1.1.3 yum-metadata-parser-1-1-3
2009-11-02 James AntillAdd an index on files.pkgKey ... needed for .simpleFile...
2009-08-18 Mike Bonnetconfigure sqlite to return utf-8-encoded strs instead...
2008-10-14 James AntillTurn off .sqlite updating from new .xml data, bug 465898
2008-09-10 Seth Vidalcommit patches from Ville Skyttä to make indexes after...
2008-09-10 Seth Vidalapply patch to improve error messages from Ville Skyttä
2008-01-25 Seth Vidalapply patch from Panu Matilainen to setup the db for...
2007-11-27 Paul NasratFix segmentation fault experienced with a malformed...
2007-08-29 Seth Vidalremove %dist which doesn't really belong anyway
2007-08-24 Seth Vidalchangelog merge yum-metadata-parser-1-1-2
2007-08-24 Seth Vidalbump version number
2007-08-24 Seth Vidalcommit Florian's patches to create more indexes in...
2007-07-03 James BowesFix segfault in the xml parser
2007-06-03 James BowesUse a common sax_error function
2007-06-03 James BowesUse a common sax_characters function
2007-06-03 James BowesUse SAXContext for other
2007-06-03 James BowesUse SAXContext for filelists
2007-06-03 James BowesExtract out a common set of SAXContext members for...
2007-06-03 James BowesUse a common sax warning callback for the three file...
2007-05-30 James BowesGet SAX error callbacks for filelists and other to...
2007-05-16 Paul NasratUpdate ChangeLog yum-metadata-parser-1-1-1
2007-05-16 Paul NasratBump to version 1.1.1 to allow multiple dbversions
2007-05-16 Paul NasratAdd DBVERSION attribute
2007-04-27 Seth Vidalbump version to 1.1.0 b/c of the dbversion change yum-metadata-parser-#-#-#
2007-04-10 James BowesBump database version to 10
2007-04-07 James BowesReduce some code duplication in xml-parser
2007-04-04 Seth Vidalmerge changelog yum-metadata-parser-1-0-4
2007-04-04 Seth Vidalmark as 1.0.4
2007-04-03 James BowesCreate a pkgKey index for provides, requires, conflicts...
2007-02-18 James BowesApply patch from Florian Festi to include Prereqs.
2007-01-07 Seth Vidalcheck in changelog yum-metadata-parser-1-0-3
2007-01-07 Seth Vidalmark as 1.0.3
2007-01-04 James Bowes2007-12-04 13:10 jbowes
2006-12-05 Jeremy Katzsupport newer pysqlite as included in python 2.5
2006-11-23 James BowesUse structs and function pointers to reduce code duplic...
2006-11-23 James BowesDisplay repoid while populating the cache.
2006-07-12 Seth Vidalversion bump
2006-07-10 Paul NasratMove to dbversion 9 - add pre for requires yum-metadata-parser-1-0-2
2006-06-19 Seth Vidalupdate specfile yum-metadata-parser-1-0-1
2006-06-19 Seth Vidalbump second minor version number
2006-06-15 Paul NasratActually populate location_base attribute - used for...
2006-06-14 Paul NasratFix the order to correspond with the schema
2006-06-06 Seth Vidaladd spec file in MANIFEST.in as Terje mentioned yum-metadata-parser-1-0
2006-06-06 Jeremy Katzadd pkgconfig as a BR
2006-06-06 Jeremy Katzdoesn't actually have anything to run
2006-06-05 Jeremy Katzglib2, not glib
2006-06-05 Tambet Ingo2006-06-05 Tambet Ingo <tambet@ximian.com>
2006-06-05 Tambet Ingo2006-06-05 Tambet Ingo <tambet@ximian.com>
2006-05-24 Tambet Ingo2006-05-24 Tambet Ingo <tambet@ximian.com>
2006-05-24 Tambet Ingo2006-05-24 Tambet Ingo <tambet@ximian.com>
2006-05-24 Tambet Ingo2006-05-24 Tambet Ingo <tambet@ximian.com>
2006-05-24 Tambet Ingo2006-05-24 Tambet Ingo <tambet@ximian.com>
2006-05-24 Tambet Ingo2006-05-24 Tambet Ingo <tambet@ximian.com>
2006-05-16 Seth Vidalcommitting Tambet's patch:
2006-05-11 Seth VidalInitial revision