Yum Guides

  • RepoCreate -- How to setup your own repositories
  • YumCommands -- Basic yum commands
  • RpmCommands -- Useful rpm commands
  • RepoQuery -- Useful instructions on using Repoquery from yum-utils
  • YumHistory -- Explanation of the yum history command and how to use it
  • YumDB -- Explanation of the yumdb, what information is in there and how to access/edit it.
  • YumGroups -- Using yum groups
  • YumMultipleMachineCaching -- Lowering bandwith usage by caching data over multiple machines
  • RepoTools -- Managing repositories
  • YumPackageUpdates -- What happens in a package update, and how you can control it
  • YumForIsvs -- If you're shipping a package and want to keep it updated by yum, how to do that.

Docs that need work: