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     1= Performance for yum = 
     3This is a page documenting benchmark results within yum, over various releases. Also some comparison to rpm/etc. There is no comparison to other package managers, because that's [ "much harder" and not that useful]. 
     5== Quick summary for all versions == 
     7Note that this has been tested at somewhat random times, and features have been added so these aren't 1-1 comparable for what they are doing. Also sqlite/python changes have made a difference, as has the size of the repo metadata (as Fedora gets bigger). Also the same machine did not run 3.0.1 and 3.2.27+, so there are some HW differences (but that doesn't make a big difference for these things). 
     8Also the "big lie" with benchmarks like this, for all packaging systems, is that we are operating on at least 200MB of data on disk so if an IO has to be done (first boot, or just not in page cache) the numbers are drastically different. 
     10|version|release date|op|time (seconds) 
     12|3.0.1|2006-11-01|list ustr|20.4 
     13|3.0.1|2006-11-01|search ustr|23.3 +-7 
     14|3.0.1|2006-11-01|search python|18.2 +-2 
     15|3.0.1|2006-11-01|list python\*|28 +-6 
     18|3.2.1|2007-06-21|list ustr|5.8 
     19|3.2.1|2007-06-21|search ustr|4.3 
     20|3.2.1|2007-06-21|search python|9.8 
     21|3.2.1|2007-06-21|list python\*|6 
     24|3.2.8|2007-12-03|list ustr|6.3 
     25|3.2.8|2007-12-03|search ustr|5.3 
     26|3.2.8|2007-12-03|search python|9.2 
     27|3.2.8+|2007-12-03|list python\*|6.4 
     30|3.2.16+|2008-02-27|list ustr|1.8 
     31|3.2.16+|2008-02-27|search ustr|1.8 
     32|3.2.16+|2008-02-27|search python|2.3 
     33|3.2.16+|2008-02-27|list python\*|1.9 
     37|3.2.24+|2009-09-28|list ustr|1 
     38|3.2.24+|2009-09-28|search ustr|1.3 
     39|3.2.24+|2009-09-28|search python|2.5 
     40|3.2.24+|2009-09-28|list python\*|1.4 
     44|3.2.27+|2010-06-04|list ustr|0.7 
     45|3.2.27+|2010-06-04|search ustr|1.2 
     46|3.2.27+|2010-06-04|search python|2.5 
     47|3.2.27+|2010-06-04|list python\*|1.1 
     50== Comparison between latest, and rpm ==