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    3838        * how should it be named : yumdaemon (yumdaemon & yumdaemon.client) 
    3939        * we could include wrappers for other languages (If someone wants to write them)         
     41= Known problems: = 
     43There have been some DBus packaging APIs already, we should avoid their mistakes: 
     45 * DBus isn't meant to push around a lot of data, this means things like "list installed" or even "list all" really shouldn't be happening over DBus. 
     46 * We need to create some kind of context, so that different callers aren't speaking to a single instance. If you don't do this you have huge problems with auditing/etc. This probably means changes in core yum, so that we can have more than a single "backend" at once. 
     47 * Needs to not be a giant single point of failure, so that if user X does a query FOO that isn't affected by user Y doing operation BAR (this is probably related to the previous problem ... and has problems when someone does a transaction). 
     48 * Previous attempts have tied authorization to API calls (this is probably helped by DBus), but this is almost worthless where "install" is a single API call. One hacky solution is to have a stupid number of specific APIs like "install_firefox_plugin". There really needs to be a better way though (maybe DBus feature?) 
    4150= API Definitions: (Work in Progress) =