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    4545 * DBus isn't meant to push around a lot of data, this means things like "list installed" or even "list all" really shouldn't be happening over DBus. 
     46  * Don't seems to be a problem in my [ tests] 
    4647 * We need to create some kind of context, so that different callers aren't speaking to a single instance. If you don't do this you have huge problems with auditing/etc. This probably means changes in core yum, so that we can have more than a single "backend" at once. 
     48  * With the locking in the current code, we only have one active consumer at a time. Adding multi consumers can cause a lot of pain and weird cases :) 
    4749 * Needs to not be a giant single point of failure, so that if user X does a query FOO that isn't affected by user Y doing operation BAR (this is probably related to the previous problem ... and has problems when someone does a transaction). 
    4850  * In the current code, I work with a Lock/Unlock so only the consumer there has the lock, will be able to perform any actions until the lock is released. Currently there is no automatic lock timeout, so if there user somehow don't releases the lock, then the daemon is locked. So some kind of automatic unlock & shutdown if no actions is being performed for a period of time.