this is a draft for a yum history (of transactions) database

the idea is to keep track of all the info of what happened during a transaction, what caused it, the commands which invoked it, the state of things when it was invoked, etc. Giant patch currently available: ... also in my yum git repo. (history branch).

things current history patch does

  • yum nevra+pkgId
  • nevra + checksums in the rpmdb before the ts (kind of, uses rpmdb version).
  • nevra + checksums after the ts
  • package dependencies/relationships within the ts?
    • the proposed actions in the ts
    • the proposed actions in the ts broken down into install/remove te's (we kind of save the TS_STATE)
  • result/errorcode of the ts run
  • getloginuid() -- something so that different users doing "sudo yum blah" could be differentiated?
  • timestamp of the operation
  • duration
  • undo/repeat API and commands
  • list/info/summary commands

things current history patch almost does

  • all the enabled plugins (nevra+pkgId) -- [We need an API to allow things to add packages to the "transaction performed with packages" list]

things to maybe track

  • yum.conf.*
  • all the repos enabled and timestamps/checksums of their repomd.xml files
  • all the cli options (if any)
  • any/all logging output from the ts (tricksy)

This is part of the YumProposedDbs page

Updated: 2009-08-28