3.2.18 ← What's new in 3.2.19 → 3.2.20

User Interface changes

  • Fix "maybe you meant" to also include installed packages.
  • Fix "maybe you meant" with multiple installs to not output all packages.
  • Highlight installed applications that have updates, in list/info/groupinfo.
  • Dynamic size the fields in the Transaction text, and no chopping of text.
  • Sort package requirements, this works around a few old "features".
  • Allow the syslog configuration to be altered.
  • Fix: yum list installed-only-pkg

Resource improvement changes

  • Change list extras to do O(1) lookups.
  • Don't do a single large excludeArch() query.
  • Don't checksum "old" .sqlite files in repos on open.
  • Only search the name field, if we can, for exclude/list/info/etc.
  • Don't walk all possible config. options.

API changes

  • Auto unlock on YumBase?.del
  • Don't allow repos. called "installed".
  • Revert the conditional API break from 3.2.18.
  • Do setup/close when we add/remove a repo object.
  • Sort package requirements, this works around a few old "features".
  • Fix: yum list installed-only-pkg

Developer stats.

3.2.19 -  57 commits: Tue Aug 26 15:41:47 2008 -0400
23 files changed,  2,667 insertions(+),   176 deletions(-)
18 files changed,    897 insertions(+),   174 deletions(-) [main]