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User Interface changes

  • Add reinstall command.
  • Can include the same file in multiple config. sections.
  • Write a usable, utf8 aware, textwrap for "info" description and others.
    • Also created a utf8 aware "character width" which is also now used instead of counting bytes.
  • When --showduplicates is on, we'll now show reinstall available versions.
  • Add configurable color/highlighting for list/info/groupinfo/search.
  • Add --color option, to force ANSI colors to pipe's etc.
  • Highlight list available data for newest/older/available.
  • Highlight list install "extra" packages.
  • Dynamic columns in repolist, and never truncate the repoid.
  • Add Repo line into search -v output.
  • Do the update available highlighting in yum list installed.
  • Parse arguments to grouplist, to only matches (like list/etc.).
  • check-update -v shows obsoletes.

Resource improvement changes

API changes

  • Add utf8_width() functions and use it to get nice output for non-en.
  • Add reinstall_available and old_available to doPackageLists().
  • Change the default for obsoletes processing to be true.
  • Work with the latest version of MM metalink support.

Devleoper stats.

3.2.21 - 131 commits: Fri Feb 8 14:03:54 2009 -0500
40 files changed,  7,044 insertions(+),  4,058 deletions(-)
23 files changed,  1,301 insertions(+),    322 deletions(-) [yum rpmUtils bin *.py]