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User Interface changes

  • Allow file provides globs to specify to multiple pkgs: "install '/usr/bin/*'".
  • Change users from caching to own dirs. Allow them to makecache.
  • Output message about possible ways forward, when depsolving fails.
  • Sort lots of things internally, so the fail the same ways across machines.
  • Skip ftp URLs for hosts we have http URLs for.
  • Add highlighting for update/etc. showing which pkgs are on disk.
  • Move some "verbose" messages to be "debug only".
  • Show groupid in verbose mode of groupinfo.
  • Don't print a download total time, if there were errors.
  • Use better "providers resolution" algo. on install by dep.
  • Output transaction details, in quiet mode, when assumeyes isn't on.
  • Allow mirrorlist to point to metalink data, and auto change it (must contain the string /metalink).

Resource improvement changes

  • Speedup some repo/configuration stuff, yum list now firmly under a second.
  • Fixup "preload" when using getCacheDir() cache directories.
  • Move to 6h default for metadata_expire.
  • Speedup returnLeafNodes().
  • Don't limit obsoletes to newest in "yum install", when it doesn't matter.

API changes

  • Allow mirrorlist to point to metalink data.
  • Complete support for sha256, and make it the default (need hashlib).
  • Allow getCacheDir() to use truly temporary directories.
  • Add preconf.

Developer stats.

3.2.22 - 155 commits: Tue Mar 24 16:07:58 2009 -0400
44 files changed,  6,755 insertions(+),  2,541 deletions(-)
29 files changed,  1,010 insertions(+),    513 deletions(-) [yum rpmUtils bin *.py]