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User Interface changes

  • Add the version command, this is probably most useful when you are working with large numbers of computers which should be identical.
  • Allow POSIX shell like quotes for urls, in yum.conf and *.repo files etc.
  • Yum will now refuse to install a package that is obsoleted by a package that is currently installed.
  • --color=off Now works.
  • The yum-plugin-aliases plugin now works on commands you type into "yum shell".
  • If a package is being reinstalled or downgraded, it is displayed as such when listing the transaction (instead of Eg. being marked as an install and remove).
  • Fix the bad exit code from rpm, on reinstall, due to removal of the remove part of reinstall.
  • "yum reinstall" of a package that is installed, but not available for reinstall, will now give a message to the user telling them that.
  • Skip updateinfo files that are broken, where before we gave a message and stopped yum.
  • Don't error out if the user tries to update a package that doesn't exist.
  • Add sslverify etc. config. options.
  • Add installonly package attribute in yumdb, Eg. "yumdb set installonly keep kernel-blah" will mark that package as not being removed.

Resource improvement changes

  • Speed up searchFiles(), this will mostly affect basename searches. Eg. yum provides "*/gedit"
  • We don't need to download filelists in some cases where we did before.
  • Speed up installs with lots of providers. Eg. yum install "font(:lang=en)"
  • The backend code for processing excludes was rewritten, significant improvements were made to "cost excludes" and "includepkgs".

API changes

  • Moved to NSS using urlgrabber.
  • Allow callers to set most of the repo. directory attributes again.
  • addPackageExcluder() was added to all repo objects, as part of the new exclude backend code.
  • We now process config. variables (like $basearch and $releasever) in cachedir/installroot/etc.
  • Add simpleVersion() to rpmdb and pkgSack.
  • Added checksum_type and checksum_data, from the package to be installed, to the yumdb (simpleVersion() uses this).

Developer stats.

3.2.24 - 165 commits: Thu Sep 3 14:03:37 2009 -0400
50 files changed, 11,642 insertions(+),  3,545 deletions(-)
25 files changed,  1,601 insertions(+),    485 deletions(-) [yum rpmUtils bin *.py]