3.2.24 ← What's new in 3.2.25 → 3.2.26

User Interface changes

  • Verify package now does not report broken symlinks as missing.
  • Check if excludes are disabled for local packages.
  • Option mpolicy is now a list, so you can list MD types directly.
  • Preserve yumdb_info.reason=dep across updates.
  • Show obsoletes in check-update, if the obsoletes flag is on.
  • Added yum history command.
  • Added version-groups, so you can get "rpmdb versions" for for subsets of packages.
  • Obsoletes of updates win out in compare_providers.
  • Allow repolist to run without any repodata (as long as not in verbose mode).
  • Check rpmdb version against last history entry, and complain if they don't match.
  • Sort reinstall/download output in the transaction output.

Resource improvement changes

  • Drop pkgtup2pkgs cache (introduced in 3.2.24, I think).
  • Make returnLeafNodes() a faster/smaller.
  • Special, fast, sqlite queries for "/path/to/*" searches.
  • Skip broken now does more efficient scanning of packages for updates/obsoletes.
  • Speedup to rpmdb version generation, when we only want the main version.

API changes

  • Add history classes and APIs.
  • Add registerPackageName() to plugin classes.
  • If the lock file can't be created don't raise the generic lockfile error (that's used to mean the file is locked).
  • Ability to easily run yum command inside pdb.
  • Add misc.getloginuid().

Developer stats.

3.2.25 - 116 commits: Wed Oct 14 14:50:40 2009 -0400
48 files changed,  12,217 insertions(+),   5,243 deletions(-)
25 files changed,   1,791 insertions(+),     204 deletions(-) [yum rpmUtils bin *.py]