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User Interface changes

  • Add yum-cron as a sub-package.
  • Added locking for non-root users, using cachedir.
  • Add GPG CA keys functionality.
  • Allow "ranges" of transactions in list/summary/pkg-list (works like merged transactions).
  • If a package has a "url" xattr, store that in the yumdb.
  • Sig. check one package from each repo. as we download, so we get the errors early.
  • Warn when groupinstall will do nothing.
  • Add protected_multilib config. option.
  • Split "langonly" groups out from "normal" groups.
  • clean functions will now remove any sqlite-journal files.
  • Warn when a users does a "merged first option", Eg. "-vc blah".
  • Add remove-with-leaves to core, but use yumdb.reason option=clean_requirements_on_remove.
  • Normalize filenames when doing lookups, Eg. "yum provides".
  • Split search patterns, if we get too many.
  • Fix/allow remove+update, and update+remove in "yum shell".
  • Add localpkg_gpgcheck option.
  • Allow users to pass relative installroot paths.
  • Allow users to see merged hisotry transactions (Eg. info 1..4)
  • Give the package name in the error message, if we fail to open the header.
  • Add "history package-list" sub-command, so you can easily see what happened to specific packages.
  • Add "yum shell" data to history, as an addon.
  • Add username/password Basic auth configuration options.
  • Compare providers tweak, mark down older than installed packages.
  • When doing searches, first try just name+summary. Can use "search all" for everything.
  • Tweak the format_missing_requires text, to include same name different versions.
  • Add --releasever=/, to use the current releasever (useful for installroots).
  • Add concept of gpgcakeys to yum (see yum.conf for explanation)
  • Grouplist separates langonly groups into their own section

Significant bugfixes

  • Copy yumdb.installed_by/etc. if repoXML or loginuid doesn't exist.
  • Fix --nogpgcheck when using dynamic repos.
  • Fix "history undo" when dealing with obsoleting packages.
  • Fix verification of symlinks.
  • Fix obsoletes processing (mainly for local pkgs.).
  • Use the correct urlgrabber opts. for getting gpgkeys.
  • Don't re-decompress MD each time, use the same name.
  • Fix problem with GPG key importing and auto-close.
  • Add sha384 checksum, to allowed checksums (repos. can now use it).
  • Handle unique MD files, when we have .xml only MD.
  • Work around bad epoch data in updateinfo MD.
  • Remove old txmbr's in reinstall.
  • Unicide fixes.

Resource improvement changes

  • Do the fnmatch => regex change, for searchPackageProvides.
  • Speedup "provides 'perl(*)' etc. by 40% ish. (don't check files).
  • Only do a filelists vs. primary match check once per. run (instead of once per. file lookup).
  • Don't do lookups on oldreqs against the rpmdb, old super defensive code.
  • Speedup rpmdb.pkglist time.
  • Don't "drop cache" all of the rpmdb data, makes install/remove/etc. faster.
  • Don't re-decompress MD each time, use the same name.
  • Make obsoletes calculation faster.
  • Make updates calculation faster.

API changes

  • Add GPG CA keys functionality.
  • Fix problems with auto_close.
  • clean functions will now remove any sqlite-journal files.
  • Add ability to save/load a transaction, post depsolve.
  • Add a counter to the transaction, which is incremented when it changes.
  • Use the newer rpm conflict index, if available (4.9.x).
  • Add ud/od modes to txmbrs.
  • Add argument to searchNames() to it can return pkgtups.
  • Parse severity from updateinfo.
  • History packages now have a '<history>' repoid.
  • PackageObject.__eq__ will now deal with objects that lack .repoid.

Developer stats.

3.2.29 - 206 commits: Thu Jan 13 00:36:28 2011 -0500

64 files changed,  16,179 insertions(+),   8,438 deletions(-)
32 files changed,   2,295 insertions(+),     426 deletions(-) [yum rpmUtils bin *.py]