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User Interface changes

  • Don't die if mirrorlist fetching fails, and we have an old one.
  • Do real SQL escaping, so _ and % should dtrt everywhere now.
  • Fix list to do matches ignoring case (broken since 3.2.10).
  • Make --version much more useful.
  • Do total progress resets, so it doesn't go astray on bad downloads.
  • Nicer error messages when groups aren't configured.
  • Always log in C locale time.
  • Wrap output for large packages names in "yum list" output.
  • Do specspo lookups for search/provides verbose output.
  • Add build/install/commit times to info output.
  • Can now import multiple keys from a single gpg key file.
  • Tweak provides output to be more useful, and explain *bin/foo lookups.
  • Allow y/n in all locales as long as there is no overlap.
  • Add number of packages in repo to repolist output, and total.

Resource improvement changes

  • Faster lookup for installed providers.
  • Package version only comparison API, remove pkg.EVR usage.
  • Do single load package creations for some SQL queries.
  • Add searchNames() API to v. quickly convert group names to pkgs.
  • Speedup large prco data (needed for 1,000s of kernel provides)
  • Turn off SQL "fast" matching if given "lots" of terms.

API changes

  • postresolve hook runs after installonlyn magic.
  • Turn off SQL "fast" matching if given "lots" of terms.

Developer stats.

3.2.17 -  89 commits: Tue Jul 8 17:31:20 2008 -0400
27 files changed,  2,295 insertions(+), 1,327 deletions(-)
15 files changed,    676 insertions(+),   292 deletions(-) [main]