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User Interface changes

  • Don't issue warnings when downgrading multilib packages, where both arches aren't installed.
  • Prefer to overflow the last columns, in column output. So "yum list | fgrep" has a better chance of working.
  • Explain what to do with "package does not match intended download error" error.

Significant bugfixes

  • Make skipbroken run again when packages are added in postresolve (Eg. langpacks).
  • Allow pkgtag (and hence yum) be loaded on RHEL-5 / python 2.4 environments.
  • Process obsoletes only for the newest packages, again.
  • SearchPrco?() will now do specific results - not just matches against name.
  • Can upgrade kernel packages again.

Resource improvement changes

  • Much faster returnObsoletes(newest=True), requires newer python/sqlite (fast searchNames()).
  • Add "cache" of yumdb package checksum data.
  • Don't preload all of the yumdb paths.
  • Don't load all of the rpmdb packages in matchPackageNames (remove, and probably others).

API changes

  • All package object derived classes are "scriptable". Eg. ("%(ui_nevra)s - %(ui_from_repo)s" % pkg).
  • Added misc.string_to_prco_tuple() which is a reversal of misc.prco_tuple_to_string().

Developer stats.

3.2.27 -  33 commits: Thu Mar 4 19:12:36 2010 -0500

?? files changed,   ?,??? insertions(+),   ?,??? deletions(-)
?? files changed,   ?,??? insertions(+),     ??? deletions(-) [yum rpmUtils bin *.py]