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User Interface changes

  • Allow "nocontexts" in conf.tsflags, if supported in rpm.
  • Add yum check sub-commands (included in "all"): obsoleted and provides.
  • Add a header to the automatic yum check output
  • Add /etc/yum/vars
  • Allow: "yum version group blah" to just output the version for the blah version group.
  • Users can export TMPDIR to specify an alternate directory to use for non-root caches.
  • Add --setopt option to the cli.
  • Add the groupremove_leaf_only option.
  • Fix the "user" column width for history summary.
  • Put "EE" in history list, if the transaction had error output.
  • Add provides data to dep. failure messages.
  • Return errors on "yum install" if no packages could be found.
  • Add distro-sync command.

Significant bugfixes

  • Depsolving problems where obsoleting packages don't provide the thing we required from their obsoletee.
  • Workaround MD reget problems.
  • Don't traceback on subkey only GPG keys.
  • Don't traceback for normal users, when they can't open the history DB.
  • syslog configuration.
  • Fix search for keys=True API users, like PK.

Resource improvement changes

  • Enable "big update" speedup, disable if a using a package from a repo. without pkgfiles index.
  • Speedup returnNewestByName(), for at least old repodiff.
  • Add caches for multiple .install/.remove calls.

API changes

  • Add pkg.obsoletedBy()
  • Add primary_only arg. to returnFileTypes().
  • Add /etc/yum/vars
  • Add provides_for as an arg. to .install()
  • Add .readable to the history object.

Developer stats.

3.2.28 -  69 commits: Fri Apr 16 09:32:53 2010 -0400

?? files changed,   ?,??? insertions(+),   ?,??? deletions(-)
?? files changed,     ??? insertions(+),     ??? deletions(-) [yum rpmUtils bin *.py]