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User Interface changes

  • Add gettext plurals support.
  • Turn an erase name into a txmbr, when we can (kernel in yum.log etc.).
  • Don't print "Finished dependency resolution" when we haven't (--skip-broken).
  • Sort "duplicate" packages better for search.
  • Tweak output of "yum provides", show installed repos. etc.
  • Add a "groups" sub-command (compat. for old groupinstall/etc. are there).
  • Change clean_requirements_on_remove to deal better with chains of deps.
  • Output list of packages we couldn't find, for upgrade/remove/install/downgrade/reinstall (only via. history undo/load-ts)
  • Don't say "Complete!" if we didn't run the transaction.
  • Create transaction-done files correctly for removal only transactions.
  • Fix more unicode braindamage (groupremove).
  • Show which repo. doesn't have a gpgkey.
  • Have all commands do sane things with in quiet mode.
  • Make "yum provides" more usable, by searching for commands or python modules.
  • Add "repofile" to repolist -v output.
  • Add "history rollback" command.
  • Allow "last" in merged transactions, fix some bugs in other usage.

Significant bugfixes

  • Fix leaked file descriptor in logging.
  • Fix another bug in libc collapsing code (only a single libc entry in rpm).
  • Mark failed transaction members when we detect them.
  • arm now has an "arm" basearch.
  • Use the timestamp_check to determine if we can revert, when we don't download anything (repodiff/etc.).
  • Work around RHEL-5 python's getlocale() call (Eg. LANG=en_IN).
  • Don't list repos. in the "saved-transaction", if we are doing a remove only transaction.
  • Fix collapse_libc_requires for the latest glibc versions.

Resource improvement changes

  • Don't list repos. in the "saved-transaction", if we are doing a remove only transaction.
  • Don't use .up object on package install.

API changes

  • Fix for pulp using RepoStorage?.
  • Fix for _retrievePublicKey() when called without a repo.
  • Also ignore ENOTDIR in stat_f.

Developer stats.

3.4.2 -  63 commits: Wed Jun 22 16:58:09 2011 -0400

59 files changed, 66,155 insertions(+), 21,726 deletions(-)
17 files changed,    690 insertions(+),    240 deletions(-) [yum rpmUtils bin *.py]