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    1010== User Interface changes == 
    12  * 
     12 * support "proxy = libproxy" syntax to enable libproxy. 
     13 * Add a fuzzy matcher for numbers in format_missing_requires. 
     14 * Add the "minrate" config. option. 
     15 * Do a few changes to make the updateinfo command more user friendly (more fnmatches, can drop CVE prefix, reorder args. etc.). 
     16 * Don't highlight the empty space, Eg. --showdups list. 
     17 * Add downloadonly option to userconfirm download prompt. 
     18 * Use updateinfo from yum-cron (so we can do security only updates). 
     19 * Merge updateinfo command, --security, etc. into core. 
     20 * Reuse mirrors when max_retries > len(mirrors). 
     21 * Add hourly cron as well as daily. 
     22 * Ignore case for deplist command. 
     23 * Add "makecache fast", instead of having to do "clean expire-cache"+chk. 
     24 * Don't ask users to file a bug when rpmdb is inconsistent. 
     25 * Integrate deltarpm into core, can rebuild drpms while downloading rpms now. 
     26 * Add "list distro-extras", which is like extras but ignores version/arch. 
     27 * Automatically expire caches (yum clean expire-cache) on repo errors. 
     28 * Use xattr data as well as file size for "fast checksumming". 
     29 * Have load-ts list the possible transaction files with some data. 
     30 * Fix problems with mirrors like, delete bad MD files. 
     31 * Fix yum-cron service file for systemd, add conversion code. 
     32 * Add a fake requires for pyxattr, knowing origin_url is worth 62k. 
     33 * Add ui_repoid_vars configuration, so repos. can show which vars they are using. 
     34 * Dump "all" yum variables into the yumdb. 
     35 * Add repopkgsremove_leaf_only and remove_leaf_only config. options. 
     36 * Add a repo-pkgs command, to treat a repo. as a set of packages. 
     37 * Add a swap command, for simple shell cases. 
     38 * Add a metadata_expire_filter configuration, and use it in the shipped commands. 
     39 * Don't error in history list, when we have no history. 
     40 * Fix "0" epoch matching for nevra on installed packages. 
     41 * Move to new, uses yum API directly does background downloading/etc. 
     42 * Add requirement on pyliblzma. 
     43 * Merge downloadonly plugin into core, do background downloading with downloadonly. 
     44 * handle re.compile() errors, Eg. [b-a]. 
     45 * Don't skip loadts new rpmdbv check, when transaction changes. 
     46 * If ignoremissing is on in load-ts and something is missing, turn ignorenew on. 
     47 * Ignore --installroot=// etc. as a command line option. 
     48 * Add repoinfo command to do repolist -v. 
     49 * Add --show-duplicates alias, for repoquery compat. 
     50 * Add code to merge the refs/pkgs of two "identical" updateinfo errata. 
     51 * Add .ui_id to repos. showing $releasever/$basearch. 
     52 * Move to using urlgrabber's multi file progress. 
     53 * Better UI for installed/available and lang/pkg/env, in groups list/summary. 
     54 * Add all the resources in the repomd, when using mdpolicy=group:all 
     55 * Show giant message about mutilib errors, to help people understand. 
     56 * Add support for installing/removing/etc. 'environment groups'. 
     57 * Add the opt. commands: remove-n, remove-na, remove-nevra. Like install-* 
     58 * Add autoremove alias for clean_reqs_on_remove, for apt ppl (also no arg. functionality). 
     59 * Make tolerant turn on recheck_installed_reqs ... maybe similar tradeoffs. 
     60 * quote uids to keep cachedir ascii-clean.  
     61 * add 'max_connections' and 'async' config. options, do parallel downloads and merge timedhosts. 
     62 * Don't die on arg='', provides searches. Or search for paths. 
     63 * Check for a compat. arch. as well, when hand testing for upgradability in install. 
     64 * exit(1) when all reinstall/downgrade args. are bad. 
     65 * Make resolvedep output nicer, as people misparse the mock build output. 
     66 * If we are doing: "yum info installed blah" don't do the highlights. 
     67 * add support for 64 bit arm hardware. 
     68 * Added ssl_check_cert_permissions config. option, to workaround unreadable certs. 
     69 * Add kernel-highlight colour config. option (for running kernel). 
     70 * Add a recheck_installed_requires config. option. 
     71 * make --setopt take globs for the repo setopts, Eg. yum --setopt='*.skip_if_unavailable=1' update. 
     72 * Search for other installed packages, for available lists in "all". 
     73 * Add group_command=object config., documentation, module and UI. 
     74 * Try comparing provides versions, if they all match. 
     75 * do globs on provides in 'yum install'. 
     76 * Have users always use own dirs. 
     77 * Give name of pkg. and GPG urls when failed to install key. CKS/YumCryptoFail. 
     78 * Add mddownloadpolicy, so people can config. yum to use XML instead of sqlite. 
     79 * verifyTransaction progress, creates verify_txmbr() functions on RPMTransaction() and RPMBaseCallback() classes. 
     80 * Add simple install-n etc. functions for rel-eng. 
     81 * arm hardfp support 
     82 * Extend the output of listTrans details for quiet mode, and not assumyes. 
     83 * Add reset_nice configuration, and turn it on by default. 
     84 * Ignore time skew by using sqlite IDs instead to order yum history transactions. 
     85 * Output the GPG fingerprint when showing the GPG key. 
     86 * Allow force-reinstall and force-remove as leading arguments for history redo. 
     87 * Let resolvedep look for installed packages, and make it a hidden command. 
     88 * Add lots of pkg attributes like and pkg.evra etc. (mainly useful for repoquery). 
     89 * Separate out dep. pkgs from pkgs. in trans. summary, and use dynamic lengths in trans summary. 
     90 * Add summary for skipped/not installed/not available. 
     91 * Add upgrade_requirements_on_install config. option. 
     92 * Add ip_resolve config. option. 
    1393 * Add hack to work around broken python readline handling in "yum shell". 
    1494 * Accept old outputs of "yum -q history addon-info saved_tx" in load-ts command/API. 
    26106== Significant bugfixes == 
    28  * 
     108 * Resurrect diskspacecheck=0 functionality and enable inode problem filtering too on diskspacecheck=0 
     109 * Include the update date if available in the generate updateinfo xml. 
     110 * Fixes extra '</pkglist>' tags on multi-collection errata. 
     111 * Fix circular obsoletes in transaction members check. 
     112 * Fix "0" epoch matching for nevra on installed packages. 
     113 * Don't quick fail for excludes that start with [foo] character lists. 
     114 * A solution to the obsoletes but don't provide problem. 
     115 * Fix for ppc64p7 arch. detection. 
     116 * Fix weird edge case for isntallonly, when we install N kernels at once. 
     117 * Don't traceback in hisotry stats, when we have no transactions. 
     118 * honor proxy=_none_ again. 
     119 * Fix UpdateNotice.getitem when asked for iteration, add contains. 
     120 * Fix test_loop, previously it always failed the first obs. chain. 
     121 * Create "strong requires", and use that for recheck on upgrade. 
     122 * Search for other installed packages, for available lists in "all". 
     123 * Quote 'proxy_username' and 'proxy_password'. 
     124 * Add getcwd() check as well as open(".") check. 
     125 * Init "found" variable for distro-sync full. 
     126 * Fix _conv_pkg_state when calling with history as checksum. 
     127 * When a repo. fails in repolist, manually populate the ones after it. 
     128 * Ignore lock held by a zombie process. 
     129 * Add fix for upgrade with same reqs. "Forces" upgrade. 
     130 * Workaround the rpm change of obsoletes are conflicts mess. 
     131 * Use the correct test to see if the INSERT worked, for RHEL-5 sqlite. 
     132 * handle signatures which are not directly following the pub key but are elsewhere in the key info. 
     133 * Fix problems with using old generated data. 
     134 * Don't traceback on --setopt=foo and --setopt=foo=1=1. 
     135 * Workaround rpm-python size braindamage. 
     136 * Handle ENOSPC when creating lock files. 
    29137 * Sort data for XML generation. 
    30138 * Fixes required for createreop SQL update code. 
    37145== Resource improvement changes == 
    39  *  
     147 * Remove repos.findRepos("*"), for repos.sort(). 
     148 * Don't slow path simple non-installed package names. (Eg. yum list zzuf). 
     149 * override mdpolicy in yum-cron and turn metadata_expire off, so we always try to download all data in yum-cron. 
     150 * speed up /proc/cpuinfo parsing. 
     151 * Add a metadata_expire_filter configuration, and use it in the shipped commands. 
     152 * Add the opt. commands: remove-n, remove-na, remove-nevra. Like install-* 
     153 * If we are doing: "yum info installed blah" don't do the highlights. 
     154 * Don't require pkgSack setup for local install/reinstall/upgrade/downgrade. 
     155 * Change tsInfo.setDatabases() so we don't have to setup the pkgSack. 
     156 * Make searchFiles() a bit faster. 
     157 * Only update the XML => sqlite progress ~1% of the time. 
     158 * Add simple install-n etc. functions for rel-eng. 
    41160== API changes == 
    43  * 
     162 * Extend findRepos() so it can work like repolist. 
     163 * Add updateinfo module. 
     164 * Add .upinfo YumBase property for updateinfo. 
     165 * Add timestamps to the transaction object, for created and changed time. 
     166 * Add obvious __ne__ to call __eq__ for updateinfo notices. 
     167 * Include environments when writing comps. 
     168 * Add .ui_id to repos. showing $releasever/$basearch. 
     169 * Minimally teach yum about rpm >= 4.10 scriptlet start and stop callbacks. 
     170 * Add support for parsing 'environment groups'. 
     171 * Add a simple checkfunc if we don't have one, for pkg d/l. 
     172 * Add a pkgdict argument to packages.parsePackages(). 
     173 * Fix UpdateNotice.getitem when asked for iteration, add contains. 
     174 * Allow changing the exit code on non-fatal errors. 
     175 * Added generic installonlypkg(kernel-module) and installonlypkg(vm). 
     176 * Create "strong requires" for packages. 
     177 * Add helper function to access the fingerprint in the GPG key info data. 
     178 * Add returnInstalledPackageByDep() to pair with returnPackageByDep(). 
    44179 * Add ui_evr property to packages. 
    45180 * Can now lookup a package in history, without creating a pkgtup entry for it.