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User Interface changes


  • Add hack to work around broken python readline handling in "yum shell".
  • Accept old outputs of "yum -q history addon-info saved_tx" in load-ts command/API.
  • Make "yum -q history addon-info last saved_tx" valid input for load-ts.
  • Add "history packages-info/stats/sync" sub-commnands.
  • Add extra data to the history DB, we now have historic records for a few rpmdb/yumdb entries.
  • Add load-ts to the man page.
  • Don't warn about already installed packages in "group install".
  • yum-cron now has a command, and the code got tidied up a lot.
  • Output the yum_save.yumtx file on user cancel and GPG fail (and tidy the filename a bit).
  • Add --assumeno, which does the opposite of --assumeyes.
  • Allow "remove" to use the alwaysprompt logic (default is still alwaysprompt=true).
  • Give a message when rpmdb fails to find releasever, when it said it could.

Significant bugfixes


  • Sort data for XML generation.
  • Fixes required for createreop SQL update code.
  • Fix traceback when enabling/disabling repos.
  • Don't output \r to non-tty's.
  • Override the umask settings for yum makedir() as well as open().
  • Ingore EACCESS errors on yumdb stat calls.
  • Fix "not found" code when calling with pkgtups.

Resource improvement changes

API changes


  • Add ui_evr property to packages.
  • Can now lookup a package in history, without creating a pkgtup entry for it.
  • Have a pkg_warn keyword for install now, only used by "group install" atm.
  • Adds a bunch of API documentation, see: here.

Developer stats.

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