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User Interface changes

  • Don't spam usage info. for missing arguments.
  • Add history_list_view option, and change the default to 1user-cmds.
  • Warn about weird curl/NSS basename checking of cert. files.
  • Add update-to and upgrade-to.
  • Add "distro-sync full".
  • Cleanup deplist output, changes behaviour on --showduplicates and -v now.
  • Allow only some GPG keys to be installed.
  • Pass any arguments to check-update to the obsoletes data, as well as the update data.
  • Fix printing the obsoleters message.
  • "remove foo" doesn't look at repodata for "maybe you meant".
  • Store the transaction in the history as the "saved_tx" addon data.
  • Show from_repo is history output (tries loading repos. in some cases)
  • Auto. import CA keys we've agreed to use for other repos.
  • Show the first URL we'll try in repolist -v.
  • Stop checking for the lock, if we'll never be able to create it.
  • config(noreplace) on the yum-cron files, as they can be altered by the user.
  • SKIPBROKEN prefix added to it's debug output.

Significant bugfixes

  • Fix dropCachedDataPostTransaction() generating the wrong rpmdbv's on reinstall.
  • Work around people changing their umask (for "public" data like yumdb).
  • Fix some more bugs in --skip-broken.
  • Make -- work with first pass options parsing.
  • Allow RHEL-5 yum-utils/yumdownloader to work again.
  • Deal with yumvars in config. files, when saving.
  • Don't do the "normal" protected_packages processing on kernel's.
  • Fix variable name typo in verify.
  • Allow 32bit clients to download/checksum > 2GB package files.
  • ts.check() is not optional anymore, due to rpmlib() deps. (among others).
  • Hide invalid XML in updateinfo.
  • Write out the sourcerpm tag, even if empty, for old yum-2.4.x clients.
  • Fix bugs in persistdir setup.
  • Fix testcase snafu.

Resource improvement changes

  • Don't keep hdr's around for installed packages, ever.
  • Changes to the layer interacting with rpm transactions to avoid memory usage.

API changes

  • Add API keyword for update-to and upgrade-to functionality.
  • Add a new opt-in callback mode, for the rpm transaction using API.

Developer stats.

3.4.0 - 107 commits: Thu Apr 14 16:50:06 2011 -0400

25 files changed,  1,886 insertions(+),    468 deletions(-)
15 files changed,    724 insertions(+),    403 deletions(-) [yum rpmUtils bin *.py]