3.2.25 ← What's new in 3.2.26 → 3.2.27

User Interface changes

  • Searching will now search repo. pkgtags.
  • Add a special $uuid variable to yumvars, can be used in baseurl/etc. to track machines.
  • Change disk space needed message.
  • Fix output of "zero sized" packages in listTransaction().
  • A few minor tweaks to repolist command, main: Now outputs number of excluded packages.
  • Sort skip-broken debug output.
  • Add skip_if_unavailable option to repos. configuration.
  • Make the "Requires missing" dep. failure text easier to read, and more informative.
  • Cross arch. downgrades now work.
  • If we are just doing installs, show the disk space used (nice for sizing chroot's etc.)
  • Add --rpmverbosity option.
  • Add "last" prefix argument to history undo/redo. Eg. "yum history redo last-1"
  • Show last transaction, even if it's incomplete, when using "yum history info".
  • Change history DB to only be readable by root, by default.
  • Add check command.
  • Add version nogroups sub-command.
  • Add "clean rpmdb" sub-command.
  • Process --showduplicates for obsoletes (Eg. list obsoletes).
  • Show which variable is wrong when we error out of config. parsing.
  • Print txmbr's as e:v-r instead of weird e-v-r.
  • Drop status, when just listing disabled/enabled repos. in repolist.
  • List all obsoleted pkgs. for an obsoleting pkg.
  • Show releasever in "yum list" if it's not the same as current.
  • Don't output usage() for bad command errors.
  • Allow local*/install/downgrade/etc. to use http/ftp/https URLs (like rpm -U).
  • Add long variants for all options.
  • Wrap "License" field in info command.
  • Add --releasever.
  • Only match non-locale group names if current locale matching failed.
  • Fix i18n in history.
  • yum-metadata-parser is now only conditionally in run_with_package_names.
  • Show script/error output in history.

Significant bugfixes

  • Scriptlet output is now setup correctly again, so history can now store it.
  • Fix problems with packages that have checksum_type but no checksum_data, in history.
  • Work around rpm-4.8.* API change (rpm transaction problems).
  • Cross arch. downgrades now work.
  • Use a tempfile for rpm transaction output.
  • Fix "install foo" in multilib_policy=all when there are different versions of foo in different arches.
  • Fix epoch matching in rpmdb.returnPackages() Aka. "yum list installed"
  • Fix rpmdb.simpleVersion() using gpg-pubkey packages.

Resource improvement changes

  • Do reget on repo. metadata files, possible due to use of unique filenames.
  • Speedup a few functions, most noticeable of which is "yum list", via. utf8_ucp_width()
  • Speedup "small dep. solving, due to caching file requires and conflicts.
  • Speedup rpmdb pattern matching.
  • Add code to make "large" dep. solving faster, but turned off (waiting for indexes to be created by y-m-p).
  • Minor speedup to dep. solving for checkInstall/checkRemove().
  • Minor speedup in dep. solving for allowedMultipleInstalls().
  • Add patches for using PackageSack?() in tsInfo.

API changes

  • searchGenerator() now always uses the pkgtags searching as well.
  • Add the pkgtags API.
  • setCacheDir() now sets .conf.cachedir.
  • Add a fast option to pkg.verify().
  • Add a special $uuid variable to yumvars.
  • Hack the changelog data to fix the sorting problem.
  • Add force argument to deselectGroup().
  • Allow setting values for update notices, add add_notice().
  • Update pgp module, from upstream.
  • Add rpmdb.check_*() APIs.
  • Add rpmdb.return_running_packages()
  • Add transactionCacheFileRequires() and fileRequiresData().
  • Add transactionResultVersion() and transactionCacheConflictPackages().
  • Add futureRpmDBVersion().
  • Never use MD5 for repomd/metalink/etc. checking, even though it was just an extra check.
  • Change rpmdb.simpleVersion() to possibly return a cached value, and thus. return a string.
  • Add .ui_from_repo to packages.
  • Add .ui_nevra to packages.
  • Add .ui_envra to packages.
  • Add YumUrlPackage?()
  • Add "re_remote_url()" for testing if a url is "remote".
  • Add get_running_kernel_version_pkgtup().
  • Only match non-locale group names if current locale matching failed.
  • Add returnFileEntries(primary_only=True).
  • Warn/Deprecate simpleFiles().
  • Add "base package name installed" compare providers check.
  • Add .base_package_name to packages.
  • yum-metadata-parser is now only conditionally in run_with_package_names.

Developer stats.

3.2.26 - 240 commits: Tue Feb 9 14:08:59 2010 -0500

68 files changed,  20,974 insertions(+),   9,784 deletions(-)
33 files changed,   2,550 insertions(+),     830 deletions(-) [yum rpmUtils bin *.py]