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User Interface changes

  • Add downgrade command.
  • It is now possible to reinstall local packages.
  • It is now possible to reinstall obsoleted packages, without having to change the automatic obsolete processing configuration option.
  • Yum has added it's own database, yumdb, which gets filled with information as you install/update/etc. packages. This let's yum know where the package came from, why it was installed, etc.
    • yum list will now show which packages an installed package came from (Eg. instead of "installed" it might say "@fedora").
  • Transaction output about requires/conflicts now includes the full nevra information (instead of just the package name).
  • We use the nevra instead of just the package name for package installs/updates.
  • We try to convert the package name to an nevra for package removals.
  • We know prefer packages that provide what we asked for in their latest versions.
  • Add message about options in yum-utils/etc. when we have a dependency problem.
  • Change the sort criteria when downloading packages, from smallest to alphanumeric.
  • Add grouping of options to yum --help.
  • Add the latest update time from metalink to "yum repolist -v", so you can see if you have the latest repo. metadata.
  • Add group id's to grouplist -v.

Resource improvement changes

  • We don't bother doing a checksum on local packages.
  • Check to see if something that could be a local package ends in .rpm, before we stat() it.
  • Speed up searchNames() when we've loaded everything already.
  • Speed up our utf8 text wrap implementation.
  • Don't load file lists in some edge cases Eg. yum provides "perl(*)"
  • Cache verifyLocalPkg() successes.

API changes

  • All installed packages have a yumdb_info member.
  • We now do include object length in our checksum tests, include for repo. metadata (if a new enough createrepo was used that it's available).
  • GenericHolder?() now has a default attribute, mainly useful for when using doPackageLists().
  • skip-broken now happens before postresolve_hook.
  • Add downgrade() function.
  • Allow pkgtup= to be used in install/update/remove/reinstall/downgrade.

Developer stats.

3.2.23 - 173 commits: Tue May 19 15:54:50 2009 -0400
48 files changed,  8,208 insertions(+),  4,789 deletions(-)
31 files changed,  1,375 insertions(+),    461 deletions(-) [yum rpmUtils bin *.py]