2012-04-27 Gregor Tätzner- fix typo in email subject master
2012-02-15 Gregor Tätzneradapt to the new network-manager dbus interface
2009-01-15 Colin Waltersavoid use of bare send_interface
2008-08-25 James AntillAdd the explicit unlock on exit for pre. 3.2.19 yum...
2008-07-16 James AntillMerge branch 'master' of ssh://login.linux.duke.edu...
2008-07-16 John HorneGive more output via syslog for various cases (#455346)
2008-06-02 Jeremy KatzTry to avoid messages being flagged as spam (Pierre...
2008-01-11 James AntillAdd mdpolicy support to yum-updatesd
2007-12-21 James AntillActually obey the limited param. *sigh*
2007-12-21 James AntillFix NameError
2007-12-18 Jeremy KatzMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://katzj@login.linux...
2007-12-18 Jeremy KatzBump version yum-updatesd-0.9
2007-12-11 James AntillImport SecondsOption() and dtrt if it isn't available...
2007-12-10 James AntillExplain why limited isn't used on default runs
2007-12-10 James AntillUse SecondsOption from latest yum
2007-12-10 James AntillFix updaterefresh option
2007-12-10 James AntillOverride metadata expires value, as it's pointless...
2007-12-10 Jeremy KatzAdd a .gitignore
2007-12-10 Pierre OssmanMore compatible sendmail invocation
2007-12-10 Pierre OssmanFix crash on email notification and missing type
2007-12-05 Jeremy KatzBump version yum-updatesd-0.8
2007-11-26 Jeremy Katzfix path (Florian Laroche)
2007-11-26 Pierre OssmanMake yum-updatesd use sendmail (rh#397711)
2007-11-20 Jeremy Katzworkaround gamin stupidly waking up a lot if told to...
2007-11-19 Pierre OssmanImprove mail output (rh#387181)
2007-11-16 Jeremy Katzimport string (rh#387051)
2007-11-16 Jeremy Katzfix error type (related to rh#374801)
2007-10-18 Seth Vidalimport string to avoids silly traceback with email...
2007-10-12 Jeremy Katzbump version yum-updatesd-0.7
2007-10-12 Jeremy Katzdon't show an error if download/apply is set and nothin...
2007-10-10 Jeremy Katzbump version yum-updatesd-0.6
2007-10-10 Jeremy Katzsimple stupid way to make the service start faster...
2007-09-13 Jeremy Katzadd lsb initscript header (#247106)
2007-09-13 Jeremy Katzfix to be accurate
2007-09-05 Jeremy Katzbump to 0.5 yum-updatesd-0.5
2007-09-05 Jeremy Katzstop polling gamin
2007-09-05 Jeremy Katzwatch for NetworkManager state changes and do an update...
2007-09-05 Jeremy Katzfix NetworkManager state checking. emit a proper failu...
2007-08-31 Jeremy KatzFixes from James Antill to work with yum 3.0.x
2007-08-08 Jeremy Katzfix support for sending email about updates. (rh...
2007-08-08 Jeremy Katzensure that we update the group info too so that normal...
2007-07-25 Jeremy Katzdon't check for updates unless we're online (#212732)
2007-07-24 Jeremy Katzto isn't a list in the helper now
2007-07-24 Ville SkyttäAdd configurable SMTP server to yum-updatesd
2007-07-24 Jeremy Katzbump to 0.4 yum-updatesd-0.4
2007-07-24 Jeremy Katzoneshot mode shouldn't exit until after the helper...
2007-07-23 Jeremy Katzadd --oneshot mode
2007-07-23 Jeremy Katzuse 4 arg form for defattr and BuildArch instead of...
2007-07-23 Jeremy Katzrpmlint fixes, bump version yum-updatesd-0.3
2007-07-19 Jeremy Katzexplicitly invalidate the cache after updates are appli...
2007-07-19 Jeremy Katzwatch /var/cache/yum toplevel (jantill)
2007-07-19 James BowesRemove unused imports
2007-07-19 James BowesAdd an 'rpm' makefile target
2007-07-19 Jeremy Katzreally only check gamin every 15 seconds
2007-07-19 Jeremy Katzbump version; the brown paper bag strikes again yum-updates-0.2
2007-07-19 Jeremy Katzactually do the check
2007-07-19 Jeremy Katzadd a spec file yum-updatesd-0.1
2007-07-19 Jeremy Katzmove to yum-updatesd
2007-07-19 Jeremy Katzadd copying
2007-07-19 Jeremy Katzadd DESTDIR support
2007-07-19 Jeremy KatzMove config handling into yumd file
2007-07-19 Jeremy Katzgive info on total number of updates for comparing
2007-07-19 Jeremy KatzPass all args to yum-updates-helper; set up for being...
2007-07-19 Jeremy Katzfix unchanged variable
2007-07-19 Jeremy KatzTake all config information on the command-line
2007-07-19 Jeremy Katzadd support to watch /var/cache/yum and /var/lib/rpm...
2007-07-19 Jeremy Katzit's a bz2 (jbowes)
2007-07-19 Jeremy Katzfix cut-and-pasto to avoid traceback with obsoletes
2007-07-19 Jeremy Katzfix periodic update check to keep running
2007-07-19 Jeremy Katzuse git-archive instead for creating the archive
2007-07-19 James BowesAdd a Makefile
2007-07-18 Jeremy Katzadd a copyright header
2007-07-18 Jeremy Katzfollow config for whether to download packages, install...
2007-07-18 Jeremy Katzhandle do_download_deps from the config file properly...
2007-07-18 Jeremy Katzadd a debugging flag to the config, enable it for now
2007-07-18 Jeremy Katzunify config handling
2007-07-18 Jeremy Katzfix the fact that dbus ints don't compare with real...
2007-07-18 Jeremy Katzadd previous docs
2007-07-18 Jeremy Katzadd yum-updatesd config files
2007-07-18 Jeremy Katzadd tester for dbus calls
2007-07-18 Jeremy Katzbasic design for new yum-updatesd/yum-updatesd-helper...
2007-07-18 Jeremy Katzadd proof of concept yum-updatesd in python to handle...
2007-07-18 Jeremy Katzlots of changes to get rid of threading and add support...
2007-07-17 Jeremy Katzfirst step to move to being a helper exec'd by yum...
2007-07-17 Jeremy Katzstart moving things around for the new design.
2007-07-17 Jeremy Katzadd old yum-updatesd as a starting point